How to Win NetEnt Slots

Punters know NetEnt slots for their original designs and themes. Other little known facts about them is that they have the quality of offering very high percentage of payout to their players. Quite a number of their game titles feature superb return to player (RTP). Sometimes, it becomes overly tricky to identify which NetEnt slots offer these high RTP's as well as the excellent gaming experience. That's the reason we compiled various tested strategies to help you make an informed decision when gaming at any online NetEnt slot casino. Also, visit for a deeper understanding on NetEnt slots.

Know the Best NetEnt Slots with Great Rewards

Mega Joker is currently the best-paying NetEnt slot. This slot game, that came into existence in 2011, offers a 99% payout to its players. Most online casino slots across the globe dominate it thanks to its high volatility. This video slot features a 2X3 grid-fast action reels slots. It is five-payline, multiple-coin slot with a basic game, super meter mode, and progressive jackpot. It also features a mystery win, jackpot, and bonus games. Given its availability to play on mobile devices and desktop, the video slot is a center of attraction for newbie and seasoned punters alike. Alaideweb explores this and a lot more slots.

Blood Suckers, with a high payout of 98%, is only second to Mega Joker. This five-reel, 25-line vampire slot game comes with a fancy spot ideal for vampire slaying. Its exciting vampire-slaying game is primarily activated by a minimum of three bonus symbols that appear simultaneously on its reels. Blood Suckers features free spins, wild substitution, and bonus games which collectively add to its fun-based experience. The maximum payout for this video slot is well over 50,000 Euros. It has two parts both of which are highly intriguing. The part one of this video slot has key takeaway features, such as:

  • Low volatility
  • RTP of 96.94%

Jack Hammer 2: Fishy Business closes the list of top 3 best NetEnt video slots worth every punter's consideration. This 5-reel, 50-payline video slot was released 2010 and has since become a darling to both newbie and seasoned punters alike. It practically presents a player with numerous ways to spin in massive rewards. Although it is a low volatility video slot, it features up to 99 bet lines, making it overly interesting to interact with and play both for fun and for real money. Most people love it for its wild substitutions, re-spins, free spins, and sticky win features.


Test the Video Slot's Mood

Various NetEnt video slot casinos have free mode in which a player can easily test the mood of the game. There are numerous ways to identify the machine mood. Not only will this save you a lot of money but it will also enable you to select only warm slots which give you increased chances of winning. There are generally three distinct moods of NetEnt video slots. They are Neutral, cold, and hot moods. A slot machine with neutral mood usually have zero in their prize pool. Such video slot machines tend to keep the balance of the account before reducing it gradually.

Cold slots, also known as negative slots, are those that feature negative balance in their prize pool. This implies that they have so far paid out huge wins in the recent times and, as such, require more money to fill up the prize pool. Be sure to avoid playing such video slots as your chances of winning are very slim and you stand a greater chance of losing to the casino house. Lastly, hot or positive slots are those that feature positive balances on their prize pools. They are the slots with the greatest potentiality since they are capable of firing with huge winnings at any time.